Where  to Store a Stroller – 13 Storage Hacks for New Parents


Being a new parent isn’t that easy because you have to adjust to your new life with your newborn child. You have a new responsibility, and that is to take care of your child. Sometimes you feel preoccupied, and mostly you are unaware of what you are doing. It might be provoking and physically challenging at first, but it makes the most out of you once you see your child smiling.
Once you become a parent, there is no turning back. You need to put things in safe storage so that it won’t be a bother for you. Even if your house becomes messy most of the time, you need to keep things away because it can harm your child.
An example of that is your baby’s stroller. It might give you a hand to make it more convenient for you rather than carry your baby around, but the thing is, it can be a little bit annoying sometimes when you see it hanging around your room. That is why you need to store it immediately after use. Below are some hacks for new parents in choosing the best storage to store your stroller.

What is a stroller?

As a new parent, this is a must-have in the house, which should be one of your priorities. You need to get a stroller to make your life easier. This will add comfort to your baby and you as well. With this, you are not entitled to carry your baby all the time, and you also need to rest for a bit because you are only human.

It is really important to get a stroller once you’ve decided to make a family. A stroller will give you the flexibility to make the most out of everything, such as when you want to go to other places or explore somewhere in the park with your baby. It also assures you that your baby is safe and secured since the stroller will add extra comfort when your baby wants to sleep at home. Aside from that, it also provides convenience for you as a parent since it will give you relief when your arms are tired of carrying your baby.
There are different kinds of strollers that you can purchase in the market. Each of these strollers has different features and purposes. These include the following:

  • Double Stroller
  • Travel Stroller
  • Full-sized Stroller
  • Jogging Stroller
  • Umbrella Stroller
  • Car Seat Carrier Stroller

Parents Tips

Put yours onto a wall and hang it. Though, you can also create a shelf in your hall way. It’s a bit frustrating to get the stroller back and forth but it’s worth.

– mspurple

Ours is in the corner in the living room. It remains there safely since it is also suitable during night time and also we are using it at a daily usage.


We plan on keeping ours in our kitchen by the back door (the way out to our cars). It’s not really in the way and I’m hoping it will stay relatively clean there


For now, they are both in the garage. When I start using them, I’ll probably store the snap-in go in the trunk of my car, and the jogger will stay in the garage between uses.


Where to Store a Stroller : Different Storage Hacks

1. Basement

The basement of your home isn’t the best choice, but it can be one. It will make your stroller dirty, and molds will certainly attack your stroller, will make things messy. It would be if your basement is well-maintained and clean, but if you haven’t used your basement for many years, that could be a problem.
If that’s the case, and if you have no other choice, you can still put your stroller in your basement but cover it up with plastic so that it won’t be destroyed by molds right away.

2. Garage

Of course, your garage is the place to be but make sure that it has enough space for your stroller. You can keep it cozy in a particular space or some corner but be careful not to choose a place where your car could bump it.
Aside from that, you can get a wall hanger or a ladder hook and just hang your stroller if you want. This will keep your stroller from the pests crawling on the ground. Don’t forget to cover it with a clean sheet to protect it from dust and molds.

3. Behind the Closet or a Door

If you want to store your stroller in the meantime and you don’t want to walk away from your room, get some stroller hangers and put them behind your closet or door. Just hang your stroller on it when you are not using it.

4. Under the Stairs

One option is to put your stroller under your stairs if you have one. This will save up some valuable storage in your room. You can place it inside a box or put your stroller atop it. Make sure to tidy up things before you store them so that you can get them easily when you want to use them again.

5. Under the car trunk

If you own a small house and you don’t have enough space inside, you may store your stroller under the trunk of your car. Tie both ends with a bungee cord and place it properly inside.

6. Inside a tent

This might sound crazy, but this can be helpful at times. If you have a spare tent lurking inside your cabinet, why not use it as storage for your stroller. You can put it outside for safekeeping. Not only can it save you space inside your home, but it can also give your tent a duty to keep your stroller away from harm.

7. In the bike shed

If you own bikes and you have a bike shed, you can place your stroller inside too. Just make sure that everything is set in the proper place. You don’t want your bikes to bump your stroller and make some scratches onto it.

8. Just keep it inside the baby room

If you want to just settle things down and avoid trouble, why not just place it inside the room and have it idle on a corner. In that way you can use it anytime you want without any fuss.

9. Garden House/Greenhouse

If you love gardening and you have one garden house in your backyard. You can use that as storage for your stroller. However, it is not a nice option since it could leave your stroller hanging with weather conditions that could harm it.

10. Inside the wardrobe

Some strollers can be folded, and it can be possible to just put them inside your wardrobe for safekeeping. It might also become handy if you place it at the bottom so that you can place your clothes above it.

11. At the hallway

If you live in a condominium or an apartment and when you want your stroller to sit all day, you can put it in the hallway. But make sure you put a lock onto it so it won’t be taken that easily. Also, ask your neighbors if it is okay with them to put it there.

12. In the balcony

One place in the house that you even bother to go to is the balcony. You can put your stroller there, but it is problematic sometimes when it rains. When such a thing happens, you can cover your stroller with a piece of plastic sheet or cloth to make it weatherproof.

13. At the kitchen

In some other ways, your kitchen can be a good place to keep your stroller. However, it needs to be cleaned so that no germs will harm your baby. Remember that you are in the kitchen, and your stroller needs to be in tip-top shape.

Can I store the stroller outside?

In a safe sense, no. Your stroller will become exposed to sunlight and humidity and will become rusty. The sunlight may also cause damage to the stroller over time, which will lead to some cracks on its surface.

However, if you don’t have any other choice and don’t have enough storage space inside, you may store it outside as long as it is placed in an area that is secured and safe away from rain and sunlight.

Is it difficult to store a double stroller?

If you have a spacious room, you can store it easily by hanging it onto your wall or behind the door. Just make sure that the stroller is in a proper place to not annoy you. Also, because of its size, you may have it stored in your garage or in the trunk of your car to save some precious space inside your house.

Can I store a stroller in a garden?

If you want to store a stroller in a garden, you must first consider the weather conditions, humidity, storage place, and security. The security part is to avoid creepy crawlies from going inside the stroller, and your baby wouldn’t want that to happen. Other than that, the weather conditions might affect the quality of your stroller, making it become deteriorate over time.
As such, you may put it in the garden but make sure that it should be covered with a hard plastic contaminated with a lock for security.

Is it safe to store a stroller outside or in the garage?

It depends on some circumstances. Both are safe in general, but you should be extra careful in selecting the specific place to store your stroller outside or in the garage. This is because it needs to be placed so that it won’t be damaged. If you want to place it outside or in the garage, you should secure the area properly where it can be accessible. You don’t want to mess everything up just because of your stroller.

If there isn’t enough space inside your house to store your stroller, one thing that pops into your mind is what about in the garage. Most likely, it is the best place to store it if and only if it has enough space. You can just place it on the top of a box or hang it on one corner using a hook. That would be better if you had small storage that the stroller could fit in. If not, the trunk of your car is your best choice.
There are times that you have no choice but to put your stroller outside. This is the last thing you will do because it might hamper your stroller because of the weather. Though, if you have a storage box outside your home, that would best suit as a storage for the stroller. If you just hang it outside as you have no other choice, find a place where the rain or sunshine can’t reach it.

Where will I store a stroller during a long trip?

It might be difficult at first, but eventually, you will be comfortable with it. To store a stroller during a long trip, you can place it under the trunk of your car by strapping a bungee cord on each side and hooking both to its ends. You may also place the stroller at the back part of your car in the luggage area but be sure to put the stroller on top of the luggage so that it won’t be crippled as you travel.

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Final Thoughts

Storing your stroller in such a way that it can’t mess around the place takes a lot of time and thinking. If you are a perfectionist, it will be harder for you because you need to test and try every storage place if it can be stored in that location. Surely, you will find the best place for your stroller to keep it safe and warm.

With those many hacks that we have presented to you, we hope it will give you the idea of which place in your home is the most feasible to store your stroller. Remember to store it properly and safely. As a word of advice, treat your stroller as your child, and the stroller will treat you back with convenience in return.

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