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We are very much concerned about the privacy of your clients and readers. We operate online and have interaction with a lot of readers regularly. We have developed this Privacy Policy where we try to keep all the issues made clear for you and make online browsing safe for you.

Whenever we get information from you, we use that information to send you updated information and notification. We are aware that sharing this information will be harmful to you and you will be a victim of spamming. So, we have developed this policy in detail where we have covered all issues on Use of Cookies, IP Addresses, Email Policies, Use of Testimonials, Intellectual Property Rights, Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability, Policy Changes, How Do We Use the Information That You Provide to Us? Use of External Links, Acceptable Use, and others.

Use of Cookies

We use the Cookies feature to collect information on the Visitor’s location and device. It helps us to understand, from where our visitor is visiting the site and we can cluster them for future business and product offers. It also helps us to give you a better experience in using our website and eCommerce portal.

We use cookies to improve the website operation for users, on the other hand, we get better analysis on our website as to which pages and services needed to improve. We can give better focus on those things to bring changes and develop for better impact. The overall management of the website is better and user-friendly day by day.

Identifying IP Addresses

Through our software and trackers we identify the IP addresses to use the data for customer dealing and offer them new products. As an example, if we are operating in the USA, we cluster the USA-based clients and visitors. Then we send them regular updates and keep them notified of any new offers. It helps both of us and the reader to get all the information timely.

Accordingly, visitors from different countries visit our website but all of them do not want to be contacted. So, we filter the target client list and follow proper methods to reach them. We collect these IP addresses for better analysis and business development. We never share the information with any marketer.

Email Policies

We believe emailing is the best tool to reach our clients. We collect email addresses from our visitors to send them regular newsletters and news updates. We preserve these email addresses on our server for promotional purposes. We do not sell or share these email addresses with others. There is no possibility of sharing them with other companies for sales promotion.

We generally send regular email updates to our visitors about new offers and promotions. We try to keep our visitors updated about all the changes and get them benefitted too. In terms of using email, we do not spam and do not send frequent emails. We keep the data secured to all extents.

Use of Testimonials

We appreciate our reader and client’s testimonial as added value for our services. We publish these testimonials on our site. These are not only the testimonials, these are the feedback we receive from our clients. What do we do with these testimonials? We publish them on our site. We use them as our inspiration for good works.

On the other hand, we take the testimonials also as our feedback. We make necessary improvements and better planning of our services. It is quite important to give proper support to our clients. We also keep google reviews as effective feedback for us. We believe with your proper valuation and assessment, we can do better.

Why do we use testimonials? Readers give feedback on our content and information. They also buy products from us, so we keep the feedback channel open from them. It is quite an amazing thing to get from the clients and users. When they give us good feedback, we use these testimonials to display on the website. It gives a new reader to understand our product and information quality.

Intellectual Property Rights

We are very much aware of intellectual property rights. So, we discourage using our content or images on any other site or platform that can use the intellectual property of our site content. All the written content is done by experienced moms and they share their experiences with us. We ensure all of the written contents are from our writer pool and unique in every sense. They are well researched and come with proper information. It is not permitted to use our text or share it anywhere on a commercial basis.

The images we have used are all copyrighted and we reserve the rights. Copying them will be a violation of using our contents. So, we discourage using or copying our content or images to be used on any other site or platform. Similarly, we also ensure that the pictures of our products are also our intellectual property that others should not use for personal or commercial purposes.

Please take note that the content and images used on our site are Copyrighted by us, that you can not use them for your business. We are declaring our contents our property that none should use and copy.

According to the Intellectual property under legal issues, it has been created to protect inventions, artistic works, designs, and creative contents. We should keep Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution in mind, which tells us about the importance of keeping all these safe. The authors and inventors will have full rights to their creations. So, it cannot be violated.

Similarly, as per the Copyright law, you cannot copy any works, fine arts, software, or entertainment content from others. The owner is protected by the law and will get benefits from the law. Whoever copies any content will be sued under copyright law and will be punished after trial. We are also declaring that our contents are our creation and reserved under copyright law.


We are a site working with Baby and Mom products, information, tips, and tricks with other types of supplementary things to make your life easy. Being a new Mom is not easy, so we have kept all the information available here on this site. You can visit frequently to meet your queries. We have compiled all necessary information that is required for pregnancy, taking care of kids and moms.

Our writers, who are moms by themselves, have written all the content that is our sole copyright product. Similarly, the pictures are also our contents. Anyone can visit our site and benefit from the contents. Your feedback and comments will be appreciated for improvements.

Here we have produced useful information for our audience. You can also send us an email and comment on our posts to ask for other information. We will keep the site updated with new and the latest information, and will make the audience updated. We will also send updated information and offers over email to readers. Please keep visiting us for more information.

Limitation of Liability

We have undertaken that the contents and images are our property. There could be claims on the contents from different individuals, there could be lawsuits, too. But we have explained our contents and products already.

If any issue occurs, then we will provide the proof and documentation to the concerned authority. Our company will deal with all kinds of legal issues according to present law and will submit all kinds of proof to the court. If any issue occurs that leads to law enforcement, then we will have our respect for the law and follow the legal issues.

If we have faced any damage due to another party, then we will take the necessary steps to recover the expenditure through a legal suit. Similarly, if any other party faces any damage due to us, then we will compensate accordingly. We will act within our limits and follow the law. We will follow all regular laws and will comply with any new circulation and updates.

Policy Changes

There could be changes in our policy that we will update here on this page. Policies will be updated according to the needs of the contributors and management of this site. Also, it will be done to implement good business practices and as per legal issues.

Any updated information will be effective from the date of publication of the changed policy. Here we will recommend the users and visitors to comply with the updated policy and follow accordingly.

We will update the policies every year. Also, there will be changes according to IT issues and security matters. We will make sure after necessary changes, those will take effect immediately.

How Do We Use the Information

We collect the cookie information through an automated system with your permission. Through that, we collect your location information to cluster the client targeting process. From here we filter the US-based clients, send them regular updates and new offers.

Similarly, we collect email addresses through which we send our offers. That is collected for our newsletter services. Additionally, when we have a new product line or new offers, we send cold emails to reach clients for better engagement.

But at all stages, we ensure that we do not share these email addresses with any other parties or companies as they can send promotional emails to you. We ensure the highest security and confidentiality of your information.

Use of External Links

We want our clients and readers to stay updated and get the right information. So, we put external links in our content. Through these links, we take you to the websites where they have better and relevant information. These links are outbound links that you can visit or avoid according to your wish.

Why do we put these links here? When we are talking about any sickness of our kids, we do not have expert opinions on our site. So, we try to give you better information and link to a website where you will get expert opinions that you can utilize. There is no intention to send traffic to other websites, the information is the main matter here.

Acceptable Use Policy

It is one kind of fair use policy that should be maintained when you use and browse the website. You cannot generate the unwanted type of traffic or send BOT Traffic to this site. Each time of your visit will be tracked and monitored. You can also use any information from this website under the fair usage policy, but use quotations and references for them.

Accordingly, we make the information and product line open for clients, that they can share to social media and save for future use and reference. Any of the rules and policies can be changed at any moment and will take effect immediately. Stay tuned with us and get updated information on a regular basis.

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