Everything You Need To Know About Bringing Strollers On Airplanes


It is very hard for most parents to prepare things before traveling with a toddler. Anxiety levels will peak, and extreme worries will occur, especially in first-time travels. As a parent, you should make things as easy as they can go to make your trip effortless and convenient for you and your child.

One important baby accessory to make travel easy for you is to bring an umbrella stroller. It brings much convenience when needed the most upon traveling. If you haven’t purchased one, better put this on your top list. If ever you are still unsure about buying one, we’ve compiled all this information to know the importance of getting an umbrella stroller as part of your travel plans.

Similarly, umbrella strollers are lighter versions of standard single strollers that weigh less than pounds. They have been designed to be portable and contain the best features for traveling purposes, such as a shoulder strap. Furthermore, they can be collapsed to be turned into an umbrella.

Dive into this article below to know everything about what an umbrella stroller can store for you. Check out its perks and be ready to experience a convenient flight using this one-of-a-kind stroller.

Is it okay to bring an umbrella stroller on a plane?

Yes! There is no reason you can’t bring a stroller inside a plane. However, you must confirm it with the airlines that you’ve transacted. Most airlines wouldn’t charge a fee for strollers nowadays for convenience, but it is best to double-check before traveling. You might not want to encounter problems and delays along the way because of a stroller.

Consequently, many international and domestic flights provide terminal verification for strollers. Most flight crew staff will put every stroller in the check-in luggage once you step on the airport or upon boarding. Afterwhich, you can just get it once you arrive at your destination.

This is a nice offering from every airline since flight crews are there because of such services. You must take advantage of it; however, checking in first at the terminal upon collecting your passes is advisable. Since there are risks of strollers getting mistreated when you hand them at the entrance, you should bear in mind to seek help from a trusted staff or crew to eliminate worries when traveling.

Are there specific kinds of strollers that I can bring on a plane?

Most airlines worldwide allow foldable strollers to be carried as carry-on luggage with a specification of 10 inches wide and 36 inches tall. However, if the stroller is bigger than the specified measurements or not foldable, it must be inspected at the boarding gate with other luggage because it will now be considered checked-in luggage.

Almost all international and domestic airlines have this kind of policy. Some of which, like American Airlines, has a policy that allows one to bring a stroller if it is tiny, foldable, and lightweight that weigh no more than 20 pounds. If you still have concerns about whether to bring a stroller or not, contact your airline provider for specific instructions.

Is there a specific stroller size that is required upon boarding?

There are certain restrictions upon bringing a stroller to an airplane. Consequently, it has a carry-on limit to be considered as one. It should have a folded size of 25.5 cm (10 in) and a length of no more than 92 cm (36 in). Strollers are being reviewed at the terminal for inspection to see if it is allowable to be brought as carry-on luggage.

Every airline has specific policies regarding the size and weight of strollers. That’s why you should verify their requirements when making a reservation. In addition, we have gathered policies from several airlines below concerning bringing strollers.

Is It Possible To Travel By Car Seat And Stroller On A Plane?

Infants should ride in a vehicle safety seat when traveling by plane rather than using safety belts. Safety belts are meant for adults and don’t really give small kids the same level of protection. If you opt to bring a kid’s safety seat when traveling, ensure that the airline authority approves it.

There are some cases in which car seats that don’t fit securely into an airplane seat because it has a required size from the very start. Fortunately, they can be transported in the cargo for an additional cost. Some flights also limit the usage of safety seats to a specific age range, and most of them do not consider them ordinary luggage, thus inspected for free. Strollers and car seats are inspected at the gate before boarding the flight.

There are FAA-approved child safety seats that you can bring on a plane to help your youngster feel comfortable when taking off and even landings. This kinIn contrast above, child safety seats can be brought onboard the flight. d of baggage should be exam

Bringing a stroller or car sear onboard an airplane follows the same procedures as bringing other luggage. It should be foldable and compacted enough to carry inside the overhead bin. This will allow you to travel with ease and never worry about the inconvenience.

Travelling Is Made Easy With Umbrella Strollers: Top Picks

  • Mountain Buggy Nano V3 Stroller
  • Summer 3D Lite Stroller
  • Kolcraft Cloud Plus

There are many umbrella strollers that you can find in the market, but the abovementioned are currently the best picks among them. Let’s check each of these top picks below:

Mountain Buggy Nano V3 Stroller

This elegant stroller is the best for traveling and trips since this has a convertible car seat adaptor that allows you to install this stroller in a child seat quickly and easily. The Mountain Buggy Nano V3 stroller is extremely lightweight and small enough to slip into every airline and train baggage compartment. It can be easily put into trunks as well.

The additional travel bag contains a grip and straps for convenience purposes. Lastly, its tiny size and swivel wheels with a complete backrest make it suitable for everyday usage in different places.

Summer 3D Lite Stroller

Some parents choose to travel an umbrella stroller that is very easy to carry, and this Summer 3D Lite stroller can serve that purpose. This lite stroller is an excellent all-around travel companion with a lightweight feature of about 13 pounds.

This stroller is an excellent deal when you are on a low budget. It can be carried around easily and consists of a simple and foldable feature with a carrying strap. Its large capacity basket can give more comfort to your child and a plain seat for it to sit around.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus

Parents adore this budget-friendly umbrella stroller because of its simple folding techniques that can be very manageable throughout any travel. It has a small size of 18 inches in diameter when collapsed and rests on its own.

The framework of this stroller is light at around 12 pounds, making it easy to carry around. In addition, it has a bouncing front spring and swivel tires and perfect maneuverability, plus a storage space below the car seat that you can use.

Stroller Policy in Top Air Flights

Below are stroller policies from specific airlines for your convenience. Before traveling with strollers, check their requirements and guidelines to avoid problems.

Name of AirlineStroller PolicyGuideline
American AirlinesAllowed to bring only one stroller.Tiny/SmallFoldableLightweight (up to 20 lbs or 9 kg)
Delta AirlinesAllowed to bring only one stroller.LightweightFoldable
Emirates AirlinesAllowed to bring only one stroller with one bag for baby food.FoldableBaby food bag does not exceed 11 lbs or 5 kg
Air France AirlinesAllowed to bring a car seat or a stroller.Size should not be more than 5.9 x 11.8 x 39.4 inchesFoldable
British AirwaysAllowed to bring only one stroller.LightweightFoldableSize should not be more than 46 x 15 x 15 inches when folded
EVAAllowed to bring only one stroller that can fit in the cabinFoldableSmallLightweight
Hawaiian AirlinesAllowed to carry a stroller free of chargeSmallFoldable
KLMAllowed to bring only one strollerUmbrella strollersSize should not be more than 6 x 12 x 39 inches
EthiadAllowed to bring a stroller, but as cabin check-in luggage onlyNo specific requirements
Southwest AirlinesAllowed to bring one stroller or car seat with no additional costNo specific requirements

Final Takeaway

Now that you have checked all the do’s and don’ts, airline regulations and guidelines, and the benefits of bringing a stroller to an airplane. You may now rest easy and relax when preparing to travel with your child. Pick the best option per the guidelines above and save time from inconvenience.

Learning the aspects of the ways and means in bringing a stroller inside an airplane will help you understand what to consider in purchasing a stroller for travel purposes. While you plan a trip, make sure that you are ready to travel with your desired stroller to reduce the hassle that traveling can bring to you. Have a happy trip with your child and fly safely.

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Frequently Asked Question : (FAQS)

Do strollers get damaged on planes?

Yes! If strollers are mishandled and not kept properly, they can be damaged. Several airlines let you carry a single stroller, pushchair, car seat with additional fees. It is not necessary to pay to fly with a stroller in some cases since it can be part of your overall luggage with the same fees.

International airlines are modest enough to allow strollers to be carried inside a plane, but they must be prepared before keeping them safe during the flight. Here are some suggestions to keep your stroller safe when traveling on a plane:

  • Use a stroller bag for safekeeping since it can safeguard your stroller upon traveling.
  • Purchase a cushioned stroller bag that can be compacted during flights.
  • Get a non-padded pushchair bag to keep your belongings fresh and safe

Can I bring a pushchair as cabin baggage?

Yes! You can bring a pushchair as cabin baggage. At most airports, it is allowable to carry a tiny, foldable, and light pushchair with dimensions of 117 x 38 x 38 cm if folded. Be sure to arrive 45 minutes before your flight to avoid inconvenience.

Pushchairs are then placed inside the cargo and can be retrieved after the flight. Moreover, folding pushchairs should be folded into a carrying case within the restricted hand luggage size to be brought on board.

Bigger pushchairs, including double or triple pushchairs, can also be brought to the boarding gate; however, they should be picked up at the loading dock upon checking in. Please keep in mind that an airport gets busy every hour and if you have a pushchair that doesn’t meet the requirements to be carry-on luggage, be ready to carry your child to the luggage carousel in some manner. You may want to use baby straps to make it easier to carry your child hands-free.

Can I bring an umbrella stroller on a plane?

Considerably, yes! Umbrella strollers are the best strollers to be brought on a flight. They are usually compact, foldable, and lightweight, making travel easier. These strollers are mostly allowed on the plane since they can be folded in the shape of an umbrella, making them extremely easy to carry.

If capacity permits, umbrella strollers have dimensions of 15 x 30 x 100 cm that can be safely be put into the cabins inside the plane. If it doesn’t fit beneath the seats or in the cabin, it may be transported in the cargo for free.

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