3 Best Munchkin Baby Bath Mat Reviews (We Tested In 2022)

Best Munchkin Baby Bath Mat

Are you looking to buy bath mats for your baby? Munchkin is one of the best brands that produce the best quality bath mats. The Munchkin bath mat has a soft cushion for your baby’s comfort. It comes with an absorbent material that is perfect for bathing your baby without fear of leakage. It has rubberized backing, which prevents the water from overflowing.

Munchkin, one of the leading brands in baby bath mats, has been around since 1999. They offer various products for parents to choose from, including travel-friendly mats and extra-large mats. Alongside these, they offer travel-friendly baby bath mats and extra-large baby bath mats. Check out our review of the top 3 best munchkin baby bath mats to give your child a safe bath time.

Munchkin Duck Bath Mat
9.5/10Our Score

Main Features

  •   Suction Cups
  •   Easy Storage


The duck bath mat is a large, textured bath mat designed to help you develop motor skills. This duck-shaped mat is yellow with an orange beak. The duck has a quacky smile and is wearing blue, red, white, and yellow clothing. This cute duck measures 16 inches high by 32.5 inches wide. It is easy to keep clean as you can wash it in the washing machine.

Suction Cups

The model is a tubside companion that provides your child’s comfort, fun, and safety. The suction cups at the bottom of the duck bath mat make it easy to install in your tub or sink, and the skid-resistant surface prevents the mat from slipping out from under your child. The bath mat also features a ducktail that acts as a squeegee to help clean your child’s body when they step out of the tub.

Easy Storage

With this bath mat, you can easily transition your child from tub to shower without stress. This model rolls up for quick, easy storage. It has drainage holes so that water will flow through it quickly. Plus, it’s made of durable materials that are easy to clean.

  • Easy To Put Down In The Bath
  • It Sticks To The Bottom Of The Tub
  • No Problem With Suction
  • It Comes In A Great Package
  • Easy To Install And Remove
  • This Model Is A Bit Heavier Than You Expect
  • A Foul Smell Of Skunk For Weeks

Munchkin Soft Spot Bath Mat
9.1/10Our Score

Main Features

  • Soft Plastic Material
  • Suction Cups


Lets watch a video review !

It’s always intimidating to take your baby for a bath. They’re slippery, they make unexpected movements, and you worry about them slipping and falling. The Munchkin Soft Spot Cushioned Bath Mat is designed to make bathing your baby more comfortable. It’s made of soft rubber for extra slip prevention, and it has a built-in extra cushioning at the front for added comfort.

Soft Plastic Material

With this soft spot cushioned Bath Mat, you don’t have to worry about wetness or mildew. The bath mat is designed to protect little feet and has a soft spout that is easy to grip and comfort little ones.

The durable plastic material is made to last, and its unique design features a built-in drain hole, so you don’t have to worry about water pooling up after it’s been through the wash. In addition, the Munchkin bath mat offers a soft and comfortable spot for your baby to stand on during bath time – it’s a great, non-slip alternative to bath slippers.

Suction Cups

This baby bath mat is lighter in weight and easy to hang. However, it would be best if you dried it after every use to avoid mold. It has holes to allow airflow, which stops mold from storing. The suction cups are very much smaller than they should be, but they still work. My only issue is it moves or clasps when I sit on it. It needs more suction cups to fix the problem.

  • Great size and durable materials
  • A perfect model for young kids
  • It has decent suction and an attractive design
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to clean and dries quickly
  • This mat has a heavy plastic chemical smell

Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat
9.3/10Our Score

Main Features

  • Non-Slip Material
  • Easy To Clean

A bath time essential for every parent, the Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat makes bath time fun. Molded-in an adorable Dandy character shape, this mat provides comfort and stability while capturing water, suds, and any mess your little one might leave behind. The non-slip surface keeps your baby safe and secure during tub time.

Non-slip Material

What makes this bath mat different from the rest of the pack? This Dandy Dots Bath Mat from Munchkin is a great way to make bath time a lot more fun for your little one. The bath mat is made from a non-slip material with a rubber backing to ensure it stays in place during your little one’s most slippery of bathroom episodes.

Easy to clean

The colorful and adorable bath mats with their logo on them were created by Munchkin. They effectively stick to the tub floor or tiles. They are very easy to clean; just use mild soap and water. The suction cups are strong enough to hold the mat in place. It is not slippery when wet (unlike the previous mat I was using). It is not too soft or too hard. I like that it is pretty thick (not thin like the previous one).

  • It is thick and sticky
  • This model is true to the colors
  • Great Value for the money
  • The construction makes it easy to clean
  • The suction power is amazing
  • The colored dots are hard and thicker
  • If you put the mat on top of the strainer, it starts to get a little wet

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to clean a Munchkin bath mat?

Throw in a couple of towels and some detergent. Wash it on high heat, then hang it up to dry! To prevent problems in the future, make sure you wash it at least once a week. It is best to use the following steps:

Step 1: Fill your bathtub with water and add one cup of bleach for every five gallons of liquid.

Step 2: Let the bath mat soak for a few hours.

Step 3: Scrub with a scrub brush

Step 4: Add bleach to the washing machine cycle.

Step 5: Cold or warm water should be used on the gentle cycle to wash the item.

What is a Munchkin bath mat made of?

Munchkin bath mats are made of safe materials for babies, including PVC, silicone, and phthalate-free polyurethane foamIt has been designed to be soft and flexible while also being very durable. It’s not a specific compound; it’s a broad class of materials that share these characteristics.

Are Munchkin bath mats unsanitary?

When bathing, Munchkin bath mats help prevent slipping and soak up water. In addition, they can protect against mold and bacteria.

What are Munchkin bath mats suitable for?

Munchkin Bath Mats are great for many reasons. They keep your feet dry and safe in the bath or shower, they absorb water and drips, you’ll have a less wet floor, and they help prevent mold and other yucky stuff! Munchkin Bath Mat is necessary for a clean, safe bathroom space.

Final Words

The Munchkin company is known for creating innovative baby products. Their bath mats are no exception. They offer a unique design, quality materials and are available in many fun colors. If you’re considering purchasing a bath mat for your baby, here are the best Munchkin bath mat reviews to help you choose the right one.

Munchkin Bath Mat is the perfect way to stay safe in the bath. They are made to prevent slips and falls, absorb water, and help keep your floor dry, thus avoiding the chance of mildew or other harmful bacteria.

If you have any suggestions, feedback, or just want to chat about the Munchkin bath mat, feel free to leave me a comment on one of my posts. Have a great day!

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